We provide software solutions for workplaces, people, and assets that empower everyone to reach their full potential.
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Workplace Solutions

We help organizations reimagine their workplaces by providing them with intelligent data to make well-informed strategic decisions. Through our integrated workplace solutions, we help optimize your facilities and real estate management, creating the ideal work environment for your employees and partners to thrive.


Solutions for people

We enable employees to perform at their best by giving them control over how they choose to work. Our workspace booking and scheduling software, visitor management solutions, and suite of integrations help ensure your people have everything they need to plan their day, collaborate better, and be more productive.


Asset Solutions

We empower technicians to add value by focusing on the necessary preventative work. Our management and operations software automates maintenance workflows to provide complete visibility into assets, facilities and inventory, giving your staff more time to create a safe, compliant and proactively managed work environment.


A comprehensive system for managing your built environment, whether it’s helping with growth, reducing portfolio costs, or optimizing your workplace maintenance.

Connect everyone to a web-based experience that adapts your workplace to support teams, projects, and daily needs. Enhance productivity, automate operations, and maximize the use of space.



• Connect staff to their needs
• Build a central inventory of all assets
• Make collaboration easy
• Avoid scheduling conflicts
• Free up seats for evolving projects


Features included:

Room Reservation Management

Streamline space reservations and scheduling for meeting rooms, conference rooms, and other common-use spaces.

Job Reservation Management (Hoteling)

Manage workstations and desks by reservation and enable a fluid workplace that adapts to your daily needs.

Optimize space across your entire portfolio to maximize usage and enable your workforce. Streamline moves and ensure everyone is where they need to be.



• Get ahead of needs and risks
• Streamline individual and group moves
• Benchmark spaces to optimize performance
• Increase capacity with dynamic team space
• Enhance accountability with chargebacks


Features included:

Space Inventory

Centralize and classify your space inventory in a system integrated with AutoCAD and/or Revit with valuable data.

Personnel and Occupancy

Optimize occupancy by assigning spaces to individuals and groups at all sites. Increase capacity with shared Team Spaces.

Space Charge back

Take financial responsibility into space. Connect cost data to spaces and occupants.

Enterprise move Management

Streamline the Move/Add/Change (MAC) process to ensure successful relocations with minimal organizational disruption.

Optimize your entire asset strategy, from procurement to disposal, to extend asset life cycles.



• Centralize asset inventory
• Track assets, enhance accountability
• Budget assets with full view costs
• Assess condition of assets
• Preserve high-value assets
• Enable a full life cycle strategy


Features included:

Asset Management

Optimize the use of all assets throughout their entire operational lifecycle, from acquisition through operational use, reuse, and disposal.

Telecommunications Asset Management

Manage all aspects of your network infrastructure to facilitate planning, improve asset management, and improve customer service.

BIM viewer

The Archibus BIM Viewer displays 3D models and data stored in Revit from your Autodesk repository, all in one place.

Track and evaluate everything to improve continuously and enhance outcomes across the board..



• Generate detailed work orders
• Automate preventive maintenance
• Prioritize and centralize work orders
• Respond quickly and effectively
• Evaluation and optimize
• Anticipate budgetary needs


Features included:

Corrective Work

React quickly and accurately to unexpected maintenance requests, with a seamless mobile experience for technical staff in the field.

Preventive Maintenance

Plan a proactive maintenance strategy to avoid costly breakdowns with regularly scheduled maintenance, a simplified labor scheduler, and optimization metrics.

Assess the condition of buildings and equipment through mobile surveys that feed critical data into your maintenance system.



• Track asset condition, plan for maintenance, and prepare budget scenarios
• Utilize an objective and systematic framework for prioritizing work
• Improve information accuracy and consistency
• Reduce downtime and associated costs
• Extend asset service life


Features included

Condition Assessment

Match potential capital investments and expenditures with identified deficiencies, including health and safety code violations, environmental issues, and more.

Manage complex compliance requirements proactively to help mitigate risk, ensure safe work environments, and reduce administrative burdens.



• Achieve and maintain regulatory and code compliance
• Avoid regulatory penalties
• Utilize accurate information and reporting
• Provide safe, efficient, and productive work environments
• Reduce administrative costs
• Prevent costly disruptions such as occupational injuries, property damage, and shutdowns


Features included

Compliance Management

Mitigate risk to protect your organization’s reputation and enhance stakeholder value.

Ensure that your organization is safe for people and good for the planet.



• Ensure safety and wellness
• Gain a comprehensive understanding of risks
• Promote sustainability
• Reduce your ecological footprint
• Understand the impact your organization has on the environment
• Track key processes involved, from energy to waste


Features included:

Sustainability Assessment

Measure performance indicators and mitigate risk to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and achieve other environmental goals.

Energy Management

Track and manage energy usage to control costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and mitigate risk.

Green Building

Achieve carbon footprint and environmental sustainability certification goals for individual buildings or across an entire portfolio.

Waste Management

Track and manage waste streams from generation to disposal to minimize health and regulatory risks.

Emergency Preparedness

Ensure business continuity and accelerated recovery in the event of a disaster.

Hazard Reduction

Streamline the time-consuming and highly regulated process of identifying and reducing indoor environmental hazards.

Health and Safety

Gain control over workplace safety incidents, personal protective equipment (PPE), training, medical screening, and work restrictions.

Hazardous Materials

Retrieve material safety information quickly to help protect people from hazardous chemicals and reduce regulatory compliance costs.

Evaluate costs and occupancy across your entire real estate inventory with visual dashboards and metrics. Run analysis that lets you identify trends and understand how your leases and operations impact your core business.



• Improve portfolio inventory accuracy
• Leverage sophisticated data analysis through benchmarking, KPIs, trends analysis, and projections
• Visualize the total impact and effectiveness of real estate spending
• Improve root cause analysis to easily isolate problems
• Reduce administrative costs


Features included:

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Stay on top of daily operations, spot trends, and analyze expenses in near real time, enabling responsive management.

Rental Administration

Simplify access to lease data and related financial information.

Cost Management

Centralize and simplify the processes of definition, allocation and approval of the costs by occupation of the portfolio.

Manage complex capital project schedules and budgets.



• Track and manage multiple project phases
• Leverage all relevant project data
• Connect stakeholders through BIM models M


Features included:

Capital Budgeting

Data on real estate, infrastructure, buildings, assets, and projects is shared by many stakeholders. Integrate all systems in Archibus to ensure budget data is accurately recorded in one place, with key metrics and reports.

Project management

Manage construction sites, renovations, acquisitions and moves with a system that shares data, connects stakeholders to a central database, from planning to completion. Standardize workflow, ensure projects stay on schedule and budget, collect valuable benchmarking data for future projects.


Get your buildings up and running at the end of your projects, with all relevant data accessible to stakeholders, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), as-built drawings, maintenance manuals, space plans and equipment information. View the data via web browser or mobile device and correlate all the information to confirm that facilities meet specifications.

Bring Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Facility Management (FM) fully together to take your building operations to new heights.


Integration and Tools

In a time when optimizing facility performance, comfort, and sustainability is top of mind, the native integration between Autodesk’s AEC Collection and iOFFICE + SpaceIQ’s Archibus IWMS delivers superior support.
By unifying BIM design and construction data with FM operations insights and workflows, building owners and operators have the means to make smarter facility decisions for the future.

Enable Scalability

As the demand for more agile facilities grows, the integration between Autodesk and Archibus offers the tools to create future-ready workplaces that are flexible and resilient.

Accelerate Deployment

Rich building information is inherently tied to enterprise databases, with any changes or additions made in Autodesk simultaneously reflected in Archibus — and vice versa.

Boost productivity

With occupancy and operations workflows no longer fragmented, building owners and operators can get the visibility they need to efficiently plan and manage physical assets.

Deliver Meaningful Results

Access to rich data and better collaboration empowers project stakeholders to improve the design and construction of future buildings and fuel more efficient post-occupancy operations.


Combine BIM and FM Software Tools

The success of building projects is impacted by many stakeholders — including the facility managers who oversee critical building systems.
The marriage of BIM and facility management software provides a seamless way for facility managers to garner physical information about the building that helps inform data-driven decisions.

Save time switching between systems

Live bi-directional links between Autodesk Revit® models and your facilities data means you don’t have to go back and forth between systems to update information.

Use BIM data without having BIM experience

With the ability to publish from Revit into Archibus, facility managers don’t need to have BIM experience to use Revit floor plans in their day-to-day tasks.


Manage spaces through Archibus & Revit Software

Space management has a direct impact on a building’s costs. Embedding design and construction data into space planning enables facility managers to more effectively manage real estate costs and make the optimal use of space.
You can then apply these insights to future building designs to create a more seamless hand-off process.

Scale your space management efforts

Link space, equipment, asset, and portfolio inventories to multiple buildings instead of just one, so you can simultaneously manage space for multiple locations.

Streamline Plans for Growth

Develop spreadsheet-like summaries of architectural programs based on headcount, expected department growth, storage needs, and more — and then allocate this space to floors.


Simplify asset maintenance with Archibus and Autodesk

Stored inside BIM systems is key information concerning building equipment and assets  — information that can be valuable in developing maintenance plans.
Unifying BIM and FM data helps facility managers develop cohesive and fluid processes to manage the lifecycle of critical assets, without the hassle of transferring data between multiple systems.

Simplify SLA Management

Save yourself the time of having to manage maintenance for one department or location by employing enterprise-wide SLAs for maintenance management and other services.

Optimize Maintenance Effort

Connect as-built documentation with maintenance management processes to simplify maintenance planning and let technicians know the precise locations of assets within a building.