Oracle Hardware and Software

From the most comprehensive range of cloud solutions to the world’s first enterprise-grade database, Oracle offers the flexibility to meet your business needs.


High degree of cloud integration

Oracle Engineering Systems optimize technology infrastructure as they are built, integrated, tested and optimized to work together. Plus, they’re co-engineered with Oracle software to achieve a degree of cloud integration and Oracle Database performance that other off-the-shelf systems can’t match.

Oracle Hardware

Oracle hardware includes a full suite of scalable Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage that enable businesses to optimize application and database performance and protect data. Oracle Hardware customers improve their database performance, simplify management and reduce IT costs with unique features and automated operations not available in other solutions.


The best Oracle Database platform

Oracle Exadata is a solution that improves the performance, scaling, security and availability of Oracle Databases. Available through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, in on-premises environments, and with Exadata Cloud@Customer, Oracle Exadata incorporates more than 60 unique features that have been designed in conjunction with our database to accelerate online transaction processing applications (OLTP), analytics, and machine learning. Exadata reduces capital costs and management expenses by enabling IT departments to consolidate hundreds of databases onto a single system, such as by running Oracle Autonomous Database Service and Exadata Database Service together on the infrastructure of Cloud@Customer(deployed in our customers’ data centers)

• Full-stack integrated solution that reduces integration requirements
• High availability infrastructure maximizes database uptime
• Its scalable design allows for database consolidation in organizations of any size.
• Fully supported deployments on-premises and in Oracle Cloud simplify cloud migration
• Intelligent storage increases database performance and controls costs
• SQL read latency of 19 microseconds improves OLTP responsiveness
• Up to 1 GB/s SQL throughput speeds up data-intensive analytics applications
• Up to 27.6 million SQL IOPS per rack to increase workload performance

Pre-integrated and optimized for business-critical workloads

Oracle Engineered Systems are full-stack, integrated solutions built with Oracle databases and applications to run critical workloads faster, at lower cost, and with greater security than on-premises solutions. Scalable designs allow companies to consolidate existing IT infrastructure and quickly adjust to surges in demand, while management automation reduces administrative workloads and helps control costs.


• No need to integrate infrastructures from different providers
• Quarterly application of the full patch package reduces patching workload by more than 80%
• Automation reduces IT staff management workloads by up to 61% (Source: IDC Oracle Database Appliance Report)
• Trusted edge devices reduce downtime at remote locations by up to 99% (Source: IDC)
• Cloud data protection and migration capabilities make it easy to protect data and migrate to the cloud
• Progressive scaling easily supports ever-increasing application and database requirements
• Trusted partitions license reduces software costs by up to 85%
• Continuous protection for business-critical Oracle databases

Secure application infrastructure

Oracle x86 and SPARC servers run enterprise applications in on-premises data centers and in edge environments with high performance, security, reliability, and efficiency. Enterprise Java workloads, Oracle databases and applications run at peak performance and with efficient virtualization, while the inclusion of the operating system and virtualization software comes at no additional charge, lowering the total cost of ownership.


• From entry-level servers to high-end servers for scale-up, scale-out, and edge deployments
• SPARC servers meet business needs for reliable and cost-effective UNIX solutions
• All Oracle x86 servers include Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris and Oracle VM at no additional cost
• The Solaris OS ensures today’s SPARC/Solaris applications will be able to run in the future as well
• Redundant designs with hot-swappable components increase the availability of Oracle databases and applications
• Built-in encryption, application memory protection, and legal compliance auditing enhance data and system security
• All Oracle SPARC servers include Oracle Solaris and other forms of virtualization at no additional cost

High Performance Storage

Oracle High-Performance Enterprise Storage is optimized for Oracle cloud and workloads with unmatched total cost of ownership for active storage, data protection, and archiving. Leading large enterprises continue to choose Oracle storage to accelerate the execution of their applications. Oracle storage offers superior protection against cyberattacks and securely keeps your data long-term. Integration with Oracle Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides unmatched efficiency, simplicity, and performance.


• Unified file, block, and object storage meets customers’ active storage needs
• Up to 8PB of all-flash storage for latency-dependent applications
• Up to 18 GB/s performance accelerates data protection and storage workloads
• I/O prioritization optimizes Oracle Database storage performance
• Data protection solutions with unique Oracle Database integrations speed recovery of critical information
• Tape automation reduces the cost of managing archives by up to 95% (Source: ESG)
• Nearly unlimited scalability with 57 EBs of uncompressed capacity and 29 PB per hour throughput with a single pane of glass for management

Oracle Database Technologies

Oracle Database offers market-leading performance, scalability, reliability, and security both on-premises and in the cloud. Oracle Database 19c is the current release and provides the highest level of release stability and the longest timeframe for support and bug fixes.
Oracle Database 21c, also available for production use as a breakthrough release, provides a preview of many new features and enhancements. It includes self-management, multi-model support, and native blockchain tables, as well as multi-workload enhancements like AutoML and sharding improvements that will be included in future long-term releases.


Use local or cloud data storage

Advanced data warehouse and analytics technologies, such as Oracle Database In-Memory and Oracle Multitenant, enable deeper analysis of data warehouses to be completed in less time. Customers develop deeper data-driven insights using Oracle Database technologies on-premises or in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


• Oracle Partitioning
• Oracle Database In-Memory
• Oracle Spatial
• Oracle Graph
• Oracle Big Data Connectors
• Oracle Multitenant
• Oracle Exadata

Comprehensive and scalable application development

Developers can quickly build high-performance, scalable applications using SQL, JSON, XML, and a variety of languages. Oracle Database 19c offers a range of development tools such as APEX and converged database capabilities.


• Java
• Machine Learning
• .Net
• Node.js
• oracle apex
• Oracle JSON Document Database
• Oracle SQL Developer
• Oracle Transactional Event Queues (TxEventQ)
• (Messaging, Publish/Subscribe, and Kafka interop)
• Oracle Database API for MongoDB
• python
• Features of Spatial and Graph
• Oracle Databases for Containers and Kubernetes

Comprehensive high availability features

Oracle Database 19c includes built-in features and options, such as Oracle Active Data Guard and Oracle Real Application Clusters, that enable scaling and consolidation of customer databases. IT teams use the same capabilities on-premises and in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to run and protect critical customer databases and maximize their availability.


• Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
• Oracle RAC One Node
• Activate DataGuard
• Oracle Golden Gate
• Oracle Multitenant
• oracle sharding
• Oracle Exadata
• Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
• Oracle Zero Downtime Migration

Better and faster decisions based on data

Oracle Database accelerates Machine Learning (ML) with algorithms that run inside the database so customers can build and run ML models without having to move or reformat data. Data scientists use Python, R, SQL, and other tools to integrate ML capabilities into database applications and deliver reports in easy-to-use dashboards.


• Oracle Data Miner
• Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks
• Oracle Machine Learning for SQL
• Oracle Machine Learning for R
• Oracle Machine Learning for Spark
• Oracle Analytics Cloud

Enterprise-wide integrated Oracle Database management

Increase database performance and availability with consistent administration processes through a single management dashboard. Database administrators reduce their workloads by consolidating the monitoring and management of databases running on-premises, in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and in third-party clouds with Oracle Database Management solutions.


• Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Optimized database performance across the enterprise

Meet stringent performance requirements in real-time and data center deployment environments with multiple capabilities designed for minimum latency and maximum throughput.


• In-Memory Database
• Times Ten
• Advanced compression
• Partitions
• Real Application Test
• Exadata
• Oracle Sharding

Protect critical data

Oracle database security solutions reduce the risk of data breaches and make it easier for customers to meet compliance requirements. Encryption, data masking, privileged user access controls, activity monitoring, and auditing enable IT teams to strongly protect Oracle Database environments and understand potential vulnerabilities.


• Oracle Advanced Security
• Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall
• Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting
• Oracle Data Safe
• Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool
• Oracle Database Vault
• Oracle Key Vault
• Oracle Label Security

Agile, flexible and secure database management

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s optimized Database feature set enables customers to operate efficiently and at low cost, fully aligning resources with their specific needs. Enterprises implement digital transformation with a combination of fully managed Autonomous Database capabilities, the performance and control of Exadata cloud services, and the low cost of Oracle Database, MySQL Database, and NoSQL Database Cloud services.


• Autonomous Data Warehouse
• Autonomous JSON Database
• Autonomous Transaction Processing
• oracle apex
• Oracle Database Cloud services on virtual machines
• Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure
• Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer Solutions
• Oracle Exadata Database Service
• Oracle MySQL Database Service
• Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service
• Oracle Zero Downtime Migration

Other database products

Oracle’s broad range of data management solutions make it easy for customers to meet various requirements on-premises and in the cloud. Businesses of all sizes innovate with the world’s most advanced Database, most popular open source, and high-performance in-memory and NoSQL solutions.


• Berkeley DB
• Blockchain Platform Enterprise Edition
• Database Mobile Server
• Database Express Edition (XE)
• MySQL Database Service
• NoSQL Database
• rdb
• TimesTen In-Memory Database

On-Premise Application Licenses


PeopleSoft offers a whole new user experience

Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications are designed to meet the most complex business requirements. They are responsible for providing complete business, end-to-end, and industry solutions so that organizations can increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and achieve reduced cost of ownership.


Discover PeopleSoft products:
• Human capital management
◦ Absence Management
◦ Benefits Management (Benefits Solutions)
◦ Compensations (Compensation)
◦ Organization Chart (Directory Interface)
◦ Self-Service Benefits (eBenefits)
◦ Training (Enterprise Learning Management (ELM))
◦ Self-service Payments (ePay)
◦ Help Desk for Human Resources (HelpDesk for HR)
◦ Human Resources Management (Human Resources)
◦ Settlement of Salaries and Payroll (Global Payroll)
◦ American Payroll (Payroll for North America)
◦ Pension Administration
◦ Performance Management (Performance Management)
◦ Selection (Recruiting Solutions)
◦ Time and Task Management (Time and Labor)
• Enterprise Resource Planning
◦ Asset Management (Asset Management)
◦ Billing
◦ Cash and Box Management (Cash Management)
◦ Contracts
◦ Cost Management (Cost Management)
◦ Commitment Management (Deal Management)
◦ Pricing (Enterprise Pricer)
◦ eProcurement
◦ eSettlements
◦ eSupplier Connection
◦ Expenses (Expenses)
◦ General Accounting (General Ledger)
◦ Grants
◦ Inventories (Inventory)
◦ Rental Management (Lease Administration)
◦ Inventory Management (Mobile Inventory Management)
◦ Management of Work Orders (Order Management)
◦ Accounts Payable (Payables)
◦ Project Management (Project Costing)
◦ Purchases
◦ Accounts Receivable (Receivables)
◦ Resource Management (Resource Management)
◦ Risk Management (Risk Management)
◦ Strategic Purchases (Strategic Sourcing)
◦ Supplier Management (Supplier Contract Management)
◦ Supplier Lifecycle Management
• Solutions for universities
• Tools and Technology PeopleTools

Oracle’s JD Edwards software meets the requirements for a simplified and modern user experience. Our applications are custom designed and adapt to the way your users work. Integrated with digital technologies, our innovative approach increases productivity, enabling your business to work smarter, faster, and thereby achieve more.


Discover JD Edwards EnterpriseOne products
• Asset Life Cycle Management
• Financial management
• Human Capital Management
• Project management
• Agroindustry
• Order Management
• Logistics
• Customer Relationship Management
• Manufacturing
• Supply Management
• Health and security
• Location

Oracle Hyperion Planning is a centralized planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes and improves business predictability.


• Reduces planning, budgeting and forecasting cycles by weeks or months
• Improves the accuracy of plans and forecasts.
• Reduces the user’s learning curve through a Microsoft Office-based interface
• Eliminates the gap between updating plans and updating reports.
• Reduces cost of ownership through superior application deployment features, management tools, and data packet integration
• Choose to deploy in the Oracle Cloud, on-premises, in a third-party data center, or any combination

Oracle E-Business Suite supports today’s business models, boosts productivity, and meets the demands of the modern mobile user. Building on a 30-year history of innovation, Oracle E-Business Suite continues to deliver new features in its applications and extends the capabilities of existing features.


Discover Oracle E-Business Suite products
• Orders management
• Logistics
• provisioning
• Projects
• Manufacturing
• Asset Life Cycle Management
• Service
• Finance
• Human Capital Management