Implementation of computer and technological solutions


ABTIO, provides all the services that are needed to select and implement technological solutions either on an architecture on site (On-Premise) or in the cloud (Cloud-SaaS).

Our services include the installation, analysis, configuration, construction, implementation and support of IT solutions in order to align each of the modules with your business processes and objectives.


Our experience in multiple implementations around the world ensures the highest quality and efficiency in all phases of a project. By following our methodology and exhaustive knowledge of best practices from numerous industries, our clients will be able to maximize benefits with more effective processes and at a lower cost.


ABTIO provides a complete implementation solution with a proven approach that is effective, accurate and cost effective. Our experience in executing solution implementations on site (On-Premise) or in the cloud (Cloud-SaaS), led to the development of the most effective tools and approaches.


The methodology used by ABTIO allows our consultants to provide optimal implementation services for technological solutions, whether on-site (On-Premise) or in the cloud (Cloud-SaaS), both at our clients’ facilities and from our remote implementation lab.

Our implementation methodology includes the following phases: