Oracle PeopleSoft

Comprehensive business solution

Oracle PeopleSoft applications are designed to meet the most complex business requirements.
They provide comprehensive industry and business solutions, enabling organizations to significantly increase performance.
Oracle PeopleSoft applications offer Web services integration that is perfectly suited for heterogeneous environments and a wide selection of technology infrastructure. By configuring its capabilities, compliance with the most demanding customer requirements is guaranteed.
Clients benefit from ABTIO’s specialization in Oracle PeopleSoft, providing functional, technical and technological professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in implementation, configuration, development, training and support.

ABTIO’s team of professionals have been part of multiple Oracle PeopleSoft implementations in FSCM, HCM, CRM, SCM, ALM and Campus Solutions projects.

With Oracle PeopleSoft, you can maximize functionality and minimize software customizations, reducing cost and time spent on the project.
In addition to building a proven 25-year history of excellent solutions, Oracle PeopleSoft delivers new features in its applications and continually extends the capabilities of existing ones. In essence, a modern and intuitive user experience changes the way users interact with Oracle PeopleSoft.
Oracle PeopleSoft’s new user interface is easy to configure and customize, giving users the information they want, the way they need it, from any device.
PeopleSoft lowers the cost of ownership and improves distributed value through the ability to selectively adopt updates and changes. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Oracle PeopleSoft is faster, cheaper, and easier to run and maintain. Customers make use of these features to please users, reduce operating costs, and respond quickly to changing business demands.

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