Oracle Cloud Applications

Not all clouds are the same. The Oracle Fusion Cloud Application Suite has everything you need to optimize your organization and make faster decisions to stay ahead of changing business environments. The Oracle Fusion Cloud suite runs on the next-generation Oracle cloud, natively designed for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, and compliant with standards to easily extend, customize, and integrate other applications. In addition, it is the only application suite that offers the necessary security, from the infrastructure to the application, to comply with the strictest Data Privacy regulations. The Oracle Fusion Cloud Application Suite provides consistent processes and a single source of truth across the most important business functions: from enterprise resource planning, supply chain management and even human capital management. With the Oracle Fusion Cloud Application Suite, increase the agility of your business and react to changes faster than your competition.

Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud is a comprehensive solution that covers the entire life of the employee: from recruitment to retirement, all in a single platform. The solution supports all personnel processes, with a single data model, a single user interface and a single record system, all supported by Oracle’s infrastructure and technology, ensuring that your employees’ information is secure, accessible and updated.


Easily manage a global workforce

With the Human Resources Core of Oracle HCM Cloud, support a diverse and global workforce,without compromising local requirements. Plus, improve decision making, personalize your employee experiences, and take advantage of highly configurable workflows that offer scalability and localization (Oracle HCM Cloud has localizations for 172 countries)


Human Resources Modules (Core Human Resources)

• Human Resources Core
• Benefits
• Workforce Modeling
• Strategic Workforce Planning
• Work Life Solutions
• Advanced HCM Controls
• Experience Design Studio

Support each process of the talent life cycle

Design and implement talent management strategies that are tailored to business reality to attract the best candidates, increase productivity, and improve organizational decision making through Oracle Talent Management, all in one place.


Talent management modules

• Recruiting
• Onboarding
• Learning
• Career Development
• Opportunity Marketplace
• Performance Management
• Compensation
• Succession Planning

Align people strategy with business strategy

Through an integrated Workforce Management solution that includes: times and tasks, labor and payroll administration with financial data, you will be able to reduce the risk of non-compliance with objectives and mobilize the workforce with greater control.


Workforce Management Modules

• Absence Management
• Time and Labor
• Workforce Health and Safety

Manage the payroll needs of your global workforce

Incorporate the myriad of requirements from various organizations, workers, and industries for efficient, compliant, and globally configurable payroll, and take advantage of pre-built integrations with your payroll providers to reduce complexity and the costs.


Payroll localizations are available for the following countries:

• Bahrain
• Canada
• China
• France (available in 2025)
• India
• Kuwait
• Mexico
• Saudi Arabia
• United Arab Emirates
• United Kingdom


Other Payroll solutions:

• Oracle Payroll Interface
• Oracle Payroll Connect
• Oracle Payroll Core

Use the power of workforce data to make better decisions in your organization.

Expand the value of the platform through pre-defined and customizable reports to quickly monitor and align your organization by putting relevant information in the hands of decision makers.


HCM Analytics Component

• KPI and pre-built dashboards
• Geographic and business line overlaps
• In-product collaboration tools
• Prebuilt data pipeline and model
• Easy creation of custom KPIs
• Easy incorporation of third-party data
• State-of-the-art security throughout the industry
• Extensibility to fit your business

Design Employment experiences that attract and retain the best talent

Turn Human Resources into a business partner by designing Employment Experiences that retain staff and retain the best employees.


Experience Design Modules:

• HCM Communicate
• Journeys
• Grow
• Touchpoints
• Connections
• HR Help Desk
• Digital Assistant

What is Generative AI?


Generative AI is an advanced form of Artificial Intelligence that has the capability to autonomously create content, solutions, and responses. In the context of Oracle HCM Cloud, this means it can automate tasks, generate detailed reports, and personalize the user experience.


Key Benefits of Generative AI in Oracle HCM Cloud:

• Efficient Automation: Generative AI automates repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on more strategic activities.

• Intelligent Reporting: It generates real-time detailed reports, providing valuable information for decision-making.

• Personalized Experience: It tailors the user experience by offering personalized solutions and recommendations to employees and managers.

• Increased Productivity: Generative AI enhances productivity and reduces errors, optimizing human resources processes.


Oracle HCM Cloud, backed by Generative Artificial Intelligence, provides you with a smarter and more agile system for human resources management. Take advantage of this innovative technology to empower your business and achieve greater success in managing your human talent.

Oracle ERP Cloud

Continuous change requires continuous innovation

The leaders of the future will be those who best adapt to change in the present. Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is a comprehensive, modern cloud ERP suite of solutions that empowers your teams with advanced capabilities like AI to automate manual processes that slow them down, analytics to react to market changes in real time, and the automatic updates needed to stay current and gain a competitive advantage.

Discover the power of financial management and make decisions based on relevant information. With Oracle ERP Cloud’s Financial Management solution, you’ll gain a clear and comprehensive view of your financial situation, enabling you to quickly respond to the ever-changing business environment. No more guessing or uncertainty, with Oracle Financial Management you will have full control of your financial results.


Financial Management Modules

• Accounting Center
• Reports and Analytics
• Accounts Payable and Assets
• Income Management
• Accounts Receivable
• collections
• Expense Management
• Joint Venture Management
• US Federal Finance

Adjust projects to your business strategy

Oracle Project Management helps you plan and track projects, assign the right professionals, balance capacity and demand, and quickly scale up or down resources as needs change.


Project Management Modules

• Plan, Schedule and Predict
• Resource management
• Cost Management and Control
• Billing and Income Management
• Grants Management
• Project Asset Management

With Oracle Supply Chain Management, simplify and integrate the entire procurement cycle, from purchase to payment, in a single, intuitive and easy-to-use platform. The solution offers you built-in analytics and collaboration tools that will completely transform your vendor management.


Purchase Management Modules

• Purchases to Payment (Procure-to-Pay)
• Supplier Management
• Supply (Sourcing)
• Contracts
• Business Network

Build trust and reduce risk with automated monitoring from Oracle Risk Management and Compliance that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to strengthen financial controls to prevent cash leaks, conduct audits, and establish a line of protection against risk pop-ups, this will save you hours of manual work.


Risk and Compliance Management Modules

• Design of ERP functions and security
• Separation of Duties Automation
• Continuous Access Monitoring
• User Access Certification
• Settings Controls
• Transaction Controls
• Audit and workflows SOX/internal control of financial information
• Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
• Business Continuity Planning

With Oracle Business Performance Management, you’ll have the ability to model and plan in key areas like finance, human resources, supply chain, and sales. Optimize the financial closing process and obtain valuable information to make better strategic decisions.


Business Performance Management Modules

• planning
• Profitability and cost management
• Accounts reconciliation
• Financial consolidation and closing
• tax reports
• exhibition reports
• Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Oracle’s Manufacturing Supply Chain solution intelligently connects all aspects of your supply network with a complete suite of cloud applications. These powerful tools are designed to handle any change in business.


Supply Chain Management Modules.

• Supply Chain Planning
• Inventory
• Manufacturing
• Maintenance
• Orders management
• Logistics
• Product Lifecycle Management
• Shopping
• IoT and blockchain

Discover the magic of Oracle Analytics in the Cloud and take your analytics capabilities to the next level. Our AI-powered solution is designed to complement and extend the analytics built into Oracle ERP Cloud.


ERP Analytics Features

• KPI management
• Best Practice Metrics Library
• Preconfigured analytical models
• extensible architecture
• Business Content Areas
• Self-service data discovery
• improved analytics
• Collaboration and publication
• Enterprise architecture and security
• mobile exploration