Support and help desk

Our valuable professional experience makes ABTIO the best alternative in support and help desk services.

Implementation, development, upgrade, training and support of technological solutions for different organizations, along with the methodologies used and the strong commitment.
ABTIO provides functional, technical and technological support, and maintenance, evolutionary, adaptive and corrective services for market leading applications.

Benefits of the ABTIO Help Desk:

Centralize the contact of all users in a single point.
Assistance in the use of products and services from Oracle and Eptura solutions.
Service level agreement by type of service.
Full support for customizations and/or standard features.
Customized cost based on the services provided to each client.
Focus on Oracle and Eptura applications and solutions.
Proven methodology.

Case management and monitoring tool.
Regional coverage based in Argentina and Spain.
Professionals and certified processes.
National and international experience.
Access to internal knowledge bases.
Continuous improvement of the service through interaction with the user.

Our clients
They are looking for more effective ways to manage ongoing support for their business application.

Our services
They are backed by a Service Level Agreement [SLA] that aligns our performance with your organizational needs.

The cost of our services
It allows our clients to have permanent budget stability for maintenance operations.