11 de July de 2011

Eptura – Archibus implementation on-demand for on-demand and preventive maintenance management – Bowers & Simmons

Bowers & Simmons is a company dedicated to the provision of maintenance services, property management and real estate, which hired the services of ABTIO with the objective of implementing a tool that provides IT support to its work team for the Management of Maintenance, corrective and scheduled works.

In this way, the Eptura-Archibus Building Maintenance application was implemented, which allows the elimination of manual activities and the integration of processes to unify information and issue consolidated reports on maintenance work at its clients’ facilities. Which allowed that Bowers & Simmons achieve:

  • Creation, tracking and closure of on-demand maintenance jobs.
  • Planning and management of preventive maintenance routines.

Eptura-Archibus is the most comprehensive Facility Management automation application in the market, being the #1 FM application. It integrates alphanumeric information (from databases) with graphics (on AutoCAD drawings) and fast information processing with a Windows-like interface. Their main features are:

  • Provides immediate access to infrastructure and facility information using a simple web browser.
  • Promotes appropriate communication and collaboration through role-based security.
  • It is structured in different modules.
  • Compatible with AutoCAD 2009 (or higher)
  • Import/export tools to market standard formats (*.XLS/*.PDF/*.DOC).