19 de February de 2024

Eptura-Archibus Workplace + Apple Wallet

Eptura is a technology company that offers global, secure, and accessible solutions for workplaces, people, and assets. It has over 1000 employees worldwide and 16,000 clients in more than 115 countries. They are Microsoft Gold Partners, members of the Autodesk Alliance, and collaborate with partners globally, as they do with us.
Eptura has selected ABTIO for their project in one of the world’s leading banks that has a network of around 200 branches and has implemented Archibus for several years as a Workplace Management solution. One of the implemented applications is Archibus Workplace mobile app, which allows all employees to perform auto-service tasks from their mobile phones, such as booking a workspace or a meeting room, placing orders for drinks and food, finding people or locations, and creating maintenance, cleaning, and general service requests.
On this occasion, we have worked with Eptura to develop an integration between Archibus Workplace app and SwiftConnect (furthermore integrated with Legic and Apple Wallet). This integration allows adding a new service to Archibus Workplace app, enabling employees to request access to a corporate building and display the access corporate card within the app. This way, employees will no longer need a physical plastic card, what results in a faster and more secure way to access corporate buildings, and offers a solution for reducing the fabrication of plastic cards (like the 300,000 cards that the company currently has).
This will be the first company to use a mobile wallet to access their corporate buildings.
At ABTIO, we are very excited about this collaboration and for participating in this important technology innovation project.