29 de October de 2018

Eptura-Archibus Project Management for Santa Barbara Group

Santa Barbara Group is a Security and Surveillance services company directed by professionals with suitability and special training that endorse the direction, advice, planning and operation of the services it provides. The company provides security for companies, electronic and port security, in countries, for merchandise in transit, among others.

Santa Barbara Group chose ABTIO to solve its need to improve control and management over hours in the provision of its security and cleaning services versus the service sold to its customers. It should be noted that this problem is central to their business and each point of improvement impacts the economic results of the company.

The solution found was the implementation of ARCHIBUS® Project Management as a tool for the registration, control and management of times in its different objectives (Security and Cleaning Services to its Clients). This will allow them to optimize the use of their resources in Customers, improving the profitability of their services and of the company.
The project was planned within a scheme that consists of two phases, in the first one Santa Barbara Group will obtain the resolution of its basic problematic; the loading and reporting of hours for each of its sites, the second stage will aim to generate management indicators.

Among the benefits that this implementation brings are:

  • Creates a central repository for a “Top-Down” perspective of program and project priorities, actions, and costs.
  • Facilitates a collaborative process to allow project members to synchronize information at different locations or organizational units.
  • Provides clear, weighted performance scorecard views of multiple programs and/or projects to identify late or over-budget components at a glance.
  • Streamlines project oversight via consolidated views displaying milestones, tasks, and status changes to all project members.
  • Reduces administrative burden by leveraging existing data.