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  • Accounting Hub Cloud
  • Project Financial Management Cloud
  • Project Management Cloud
  • Procurement Cloud
  • Risk Management Cloud
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Optimize your business processes with Oracle ERP Cloud, increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving control points.
Product description
ERP Cloud

Finance, Purchasing, Project Management and Reports

SCM Cloud

Inventories, Transportation, Manufacturing, Processing of Sales Orders, Purchasing and Planning

Proven business value:

  • Quick times aimed at generating value generate a fast ROI.
  • Total cost of ownership of the software (TCO or total cost of ownership) is lower and you save money.
  • Flexible customization and configuration reduces the initial implementation time and future maintenance costs.
  • The scalability of the product contributes to the growth of your company.
  • Different technological options, which consider the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Extensive integration skills.