Our job is to deliver immediate, cost-effective solutions for the present and future of each company.

We create and apply processes and solutions that significantly improve the business performance of our clients, providing consulting services that are characterized by our expertise, responsibility and quality at an international level, ensuring that they receive benefits according to their needs.

Our focus is clear

We provide the best solution to the needs of the client being experts in solving your business problems.



ABTIO has a staff of more than 70 professionals, including technical, technological and functional profiles, highly trained and specialized in the various Oracle products, which makes us a strategic partner of this important technology and solutions provider in the region.



ABTIO was born in 2022, from the sum of capabilities and experience of Absis Consulting + Enratio. Founded in 1997, Absis Consulting counts with a multidisciplinary Team from areas such as Engineering, Information Systems, Administration and Architecture, and extensive experience with Leader Organizations in América, Asia and Spain. Enratio was founded in 2003 by professionals with extensive experience in the IT world, having held diverse positions both in Argentina and the USA, and today is a company in permanent growth with presence in Argentina, Spain and global projects.



ABTIO has among its clients not only large companies and organizations at a national level but also internationally (América, Asia and Europe), being a key supplier for entities from different industries: Banking, Government, Telecommunications, Tourism, Retail, among others.