Workplace Management solutions

Since 1982, ARCHIBUS, Inc. (based in Boston, USA) has been the #1 supplier of CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) and IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) tools. ARCHIBUS® makes it easier for Users to follow up the use, tracking and status of their physical assets, while helping them improve infrastructure and facility management in a cost-effective manner, through:

  • Planning of civil works and maintenance.
  • Restructuring of buildings and spaces.
  • Real Estate portfolio management.
  • Physical Assets inventory.
  • Workplace services.
Archibus Solutions
 Space Planning Management

Optimize space across sites with visual planning tools. Test scenarios and forecast needs with real data.

  Building Operations & Maintenance

Reduce operational overhead with a preventive maintenance plan that optimizes work and labor around critical needs.

Sustainability & Risk Management

With this solution you can ensure that your organization is safe for people and good for the planet.

Workplace Services

Manage spaces and moves floor by floor to make the most of every space and stay ahead of occupancy needs.

Capital Project Management

With Capital Project Management you will manage complex capital project schedules and budgets.

Real Estate Property

Evaluate costs and occupancy across your entire real estate inventory with visual dashboards and metrics.

Asset Management

Inform capital planning with a complete view into the contents, condition, and lifecycle data of your asset inventory.

ABTIO consultants have been part of multiple implementations of Archibus in projects for America, Europe and Asia.